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Activities are designed to stimulate and encourage children’s natural curiosity and learning within a loving and consistent home environment. All aspects of children’s healthy development are incorporated into the daily activities, including social and emotional development, language development, physical development, and cognitive development.

Activities are generally play-based and children are encouraged to have fun while exploring and engaging in creative and imaginative play. Daily activities are also often developed around themes that children have shown an interest in, and are typically focused on areas such as art, nature, science, math, or music. Activities include circle time, cooking, gardening, puzzles, games, books/reading, painting, drawing, arts/crafts projects, play dough, blocks, water play, tricycles, sand play, and more! Children are also allowed free time to explore and choose from a variety of toys, games, and books in the inside play areas , as well as outdoor activities in the outside play areas .

Practical living skills are also encouraged through children’s participation in family and self-care tasks, such as setting the table, washing their dishes, picking up toys, cooking projects or assisting with meal preparation. Children are also encouraged and provided opportunities to develop language skills and table manners through communication during regular mealtimes.

Social interactions between children are encouraged and children are provided with loving guidance in developing social and emotional skills, such as sharing, problem-solving, identifying and discussing feelings, and using language to communicate needs.

Activities are also individualized based on children’s developmental stage. Toddlers are provided with safe opportunities to develop their growing sense of independence, curiosity, and interest in social interactions. Preschool and pre-kindergarten age children are provided with activities that develop autonomy in practical living skills and are individualized to meet their learning needs and interests.